Winter is came!

Dec 1 2016 Administration of s/r "Krasiya"

Dear guests!
The first day of the calendar winter we are incredibly happy.

Snowfall forecast in the next 3 days.

Also, thanks to the freezing weather, on Saturday we are planing to start snowmaking system on the upper part of the mountain (slope №2).

See you at the Krasiya!

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Prices for lifts of the season 2016/2017

Oct 22 2016 Administration of s/r "Krasiya"

Dear friends!
Now, we published tariffs for skilifts 2016/2017 season.
Also, we inform you that we make preparations for the winter season. Cleaned the main ski slopes, made repairs and maintenance work snowmaking system. This year, a priority skislope for snowmaking will track №2 (upper slope).
See you on the slopes s/r "Krasiya"!

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Change in value

Feb 16 2016 Administration s/r "Krasiya"

Dear friends!
On 20 February, the cost of services lifts will be reduced to 300 UAH/day (weekends).
Change the value of services cable cars on weekdays currently being studied.
Best regards

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Opening soon

Jan 3 2016 Administration of s/r "Krasiya"

Dear guests of Krasiya,
Ski resort "Krasiya" will start functioning on Jan. 5, 2016. Primarily run route №1.
Also please note that the complex administration decided to increase the value of Season X.

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Calendar winter

Dec 1 2015

Dear fans of snow!
We congratulate all on the beginning of the calendar winter!
We hope that soon will begin a real winter with frosts, snowstorms and beautiful snow-covered slopes.
We hope to see you on the slopes of "Krasiya".
The team s/r "Krasiya"

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Forum s/r "Krasiya"

Dec 1 2015 Administration s/r "Krasiya"

Dear friends,
From 30 November 2015, reopened the updated forum ski resort "Krasiya".

Comments and suggestions, complaints and tips, just chat - everyone will find here a lot of interesting and useful.
Yours faithfully,

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Promotional ski passes

Nov 5 2015 Administration of s/r "Krasiya"

Dear friends!
We have decided, until 15 November to launch the sale of promotional ski passes for 10 and 20 days.
On delay with the ability to save a bit of their money.
The cost of promotional ski pass is:
10 days - 2000 UAH
20 days - 3600 UAH
Recall promotional ski passes valid in all seasons, except for the holiday season (season X), to take full advantage, without time limits.
To order a promotional ski pass, please send an email to the club's "Krasiya" ( with the following data:
- Type of ski pass (10/20 days)
- Full name (the customer)
- Contact telephone number (customer)

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Site updates

Nov 1 2015 Administration s/r "Krasiya"

Dear friends,
We are happy to inform you about updates site "Krasiya".
We hope that use of our site will be even more convenient and enjoyable for our guests.

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New spring rates

Mar 20 2013 Administration of s/r "Krasiya"

Dear friends!
March 21, at Mount Krasiya we are expecting snowfall, and with new snowfall comes discounted rates!
Here are the new "spring rates":
21,22,25,26,27,28,29 March - Day 1 = 130 UAH, half day = 100 UAH.
23,24,30,31 March - Day 1 =  150 UAH, half day = 120 UAH.
Also, on March 21st, weekend-specials are available for senior citizens
If weather conditions remain favorable,  Krasiya will operate until March 31st.
We welcome you to come ski the beautiful spring slopes at Krasiya!

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We say goodbye to winter together

Mar 14 2013 Administration of s/r "Krasiya"

Dear friends!
Given the forecast for this weekend, Krasiya invites you to ski slopes have a good rest, and at the same time to celebrate Shrovetide. On Sunday, our guests can enjoy entertainment, music program and the winter weather!
With best regards

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